Interagency electronic reporting system for commercial fishery landings in Alaska
  Alaska Department of Fish and Game   International Pacific Halibut Commission   NOAA Fisheries

How to Get Started

  1. REGISTER : Before users can use the eLandings system to report landing or production report data, they must request authorization to use the system and reserve a UserID and password. A UserID will be activated after a signed registration form is submitted to: NMFS/RAM eLandings Registration, PO Box 21668, Juneau, AK 99802, and approved.

  2. LOGIN : The eLandings system will allow registered users to submit landing and production reports. Users can submit their landing and production report data to all of the mandated agencies through a series of eLandings web pages. Users can also import data in a specified XML format via the eLandings web site.

No Internet Connection?

  • Do not have access to the internet? : A processor workstation is available to clients, like catcher/processors, who are not connected to the internet. Please email: eLandings@alaska.gov for more information.

  • Temporarily disconnected from the internet?

    • Follow these instructions for landing procedures in the event of a temporary outage.

    • PLEASE: Keep several printed copies of the interim salmon eLandings report forms on hand, so you have it when your internet connection is not working!

Note : eLandings will not be available from 4:00 - 4:15 a.m. daily due to routine maintenance.

eLandings is the Interagency Electronic Reporting System for reporting commercial fishery landings in Alaska. eLandings is used to report landings and/or production data for groundfish, IFQ/CDQ halibut and sablefish, and IFQ/CDQ crab and Community of Adak golden king crab. In the future, the system will include landings for shellfish and salmon. This system is a collaborative effort of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the International Pacific Halibut Commission, and the NOAA Fisheries.


Training scenarios are available for the various interfaces of the Interagency Electronic Reporting System (user id and password are provided with training exercises):

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